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Teaching cars to not hit squirrels

An introduction to the tools and techniques used in autonomous driving.

Getting over creative block

Creative blocks are never fun. Whether you choose to see them as just another part of the creative process, or just a temporary problem that will go away by itself, every creative has to find a way around them.

How to Stream With Facebook Live

Stream live video from your website using Facebook Live and OBS

8 Cool sites I really dig right now

4 sites I thought were really awesome and 4 other runner up sites you should checkout

T3 Friday Playlist

Heading into the weekend here are some jams to get the party started

2k16 TheoryThree summer jams

Just a few jams to remind us of summer 2016

Deflate your javascript, not your footballs

Website slow? Take advantage of Gzip compression to get it flying in no time.

My Website is Down

Is your website down right now? Learn what you need to know to diagnose and fix the problem.

We Drove 3000 Miles, So You Wouldn't Have to Use a Crappy App

Our road trip to Yellowstone taught us something we couldn't learn in Madison.

So So Social

Social media is on the cusp of becoming more meaningful.

The TheoryThree Team's Project Management & Productivity Tools

At TheoryThree we use a variety of tools to help us stay connected as a team. Here you will find some of the apps we depend on to manage projects and stay productive.

The TheoryThree Blog

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