Getting over creative block

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by: Ryan Nov 16th, 2016

For a creative professional, such as myself, a creative block can be the most frustrating thing about my job. When you rely on your creativity to pay the bills and build your reputation, you can’t afford to be short of ideas. All creative blocks aren't the same, different types may require different solutions, but getting unblocked remains the same.

Have you ever sat in front of a blank screen and wondered how am I ever going to start this project? Here are a Few ways I get over a creative block.

1. Get the heck out of the office

This may be the most common piece of advice, but most of the time this will do the trick. Take you computer or notebook and head down to your favorite spot.

2. Do something you enjoy

I can't count the amount of time I've done this. When I have a particularly bad block, I drop everything where it is and go ride my skateboard or work on my motorcycle. This really helps get my mind off whatever problem I was trying to solve and clears my head.

3. Talk it out with someone else

A lot of times I am completely overthinking it. All I need to do is simplify my perspective and talking it out with another person really helps me think things through. keep it simple dingus.

4. Get out and exercise

I try and get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Usually, this will help clear my head. I sometimes think of my best ideas while I am going out for a run.

5. Set restrictions

A lot of time I will procrastinate or add a ton of unneeded things to the project. Setting a strict deadline with specific parameters can be super helpful. I can do some of my best work under a little bit of pressure.

6. Have fun with it, dang it

This might be the corniest piece of advice, but for real. If you aren't having fun with it, why even do it in the first place.

OutroCreative blocks are never fun. Whether you choose to see them as just another part of the creative process, or just a temporary problem that will go away by itself, every creative has to find a way around them. I hope this list helps you out.

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